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Tech9logy creators turned 5 by successfully completing the Half-Decade in the business!!!

It excites us so much whenever we think about our 5 long years journey, how we have been strong all through and keeping our stomach tight, and ride along with the roller coaster that we started.

Although the company turned 5 on 12th February 2019, due to a busy schedule that’s indeed a good sign!!, we celebrated it magnificently on 27th April 2019 at Radisson Blu, Faridabad, after-all, it was a half-decade.

These 5 years consisted of patience and hard work of the Founders, and every single employee dedicated in raising the graph of the company in every possible.

A formal party was planned to celebrate company 5th year Anniversary at Radisson Blu, Faridabad and it turned out to be an amazing experience being there with everyone. The complete day was perfectly planned with the Award ceremony, games, team building activities, and a delicious luncheon.

Dev Anand and Sunil Kumar were two among us all, who completed their 5 years in the company. It’s so good to know that people who started with us are continuing with us on the journey towards success. Dev Anand gave us a sneak peek of the 1st year journey of their crazy pizza party for every small thing and their cravings for shakes from their home office kitchen. To recognize their commitment towards the company, a special memento was awarded to them for successfully completing 5 years service.

2018 was a notable year for all of us for many reasons New Employees, New Projects, and New Client Acquisitions. Everything new and growing!! Talking about new, the founders introduced company values which have been the driving force behind them in all these 5 years, and will now be officially part of every employee of Tech9logy Creators. We strongly stand with our Values introduced as
Q-PECT – Quality, Process Adherence, Excellence, Commitment and Timely Delivery.

The simple act of saying “thank you” does wonder. We work hard and the company doesn’t forget to appreciate it. Here come year-end performance awards for best performers of Tech9logy Creators:

Customer Kudos Award – For absolute appreciation from the client.

Prerna Tyagi

Ace of Innovation Award – Introducing emerging technology.

Vishnu Pundhir

Rockstar Rookie – Showing more than expectation performance.

Gopal Giri Goswami

Rockstar Rookie – Showing more than expectation performance.

Chitra Singh

Cloud 9 Collaborator Award – Best Team Leader.

Dev Anand

The Employee of the Year Award – For being the best performer Individually and Team.

Ajay Rana

It was super fun, exciting and craziness all around, just like a festival. Cheers to the success and half-decade of Tech9logy Creators.



Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

Merry Christmas from the family of Tech9logy Creators to all the people out there !!!!

The year was full of Challenges and Happiness knocked the door creating its own way. Celebrated it with the colleagues in the self-decorated office with handsome tiny Santa, who bought a smile on everybody’s faces with his candies and gifts for employees.

Everybody was so keen to celebrate it that, they attempted to do their work as soon as possible And start the celebrations with the fun games. We played different games based on Bollywood Movies. The office was divided into two teams Team A – HOHOHO and Team B -HAHAHA keeping the Christmas theme in mind. Oh, that was the Blast.

Day followed with delicious Snacks and Gupshups on the food table about stories of the past Christmas. That’s how we tighten the relationship with each other and ended 2018.

We were all set to welcome 2019 with New Goals, New Aspirations, New Objectives, New Hopes and New Resolution for the Tech9logy Creators Family and of course New Client Acquisitions.


Benefits of Django

The Python language was used to write the code of the Django web framework. For your information Python is open source and works on each and every platform.

To put it simply Django is a high-level web framework specifically designed for rapid web project development. It facilitates transparent as well as high-quality coding and is thereby significant for developers as well as customers. Thanks to Django the web development process is a breeze. The programmer can give his/her undivided attention to the designing process as well as ramp up performance. It is perfect for startups for whom high-quality web design is a priority.

We take a look at the benefits and features of Django.

Django is suitable for high load projects

Working in tandem with other technologies including MongoDB, Redis and others it delivers fast loading pages as well as processes data in a very short span of time. Some of the notable Django apps are those of Instagram, NASA, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube and DropBox.


The framework aids developers to create an application in minimum type. Throughout the creation process, Django ensures that the deliverable is efficient as well as cost effective. It is the best fit for projects having tight deadlines and where time is a priority.

Highly secure

Django has a robust security system in place. The former’s user authentication process helps manage user accounts and passwords securely.

Advantageous to customers

In the scenario of having to change the development of human resources at any stage of the project, Django helps rustle up a brand-new team who can understand the architecture of the project with hardly any effort. Hence, a lot of time and money is saved.

Crafted as a batteries-included web framework

Django adopts the batteries included approach. The former supplies the developers with the necessary resources. It supplies code for common tasks such as security, session management, database manipulation and more. Hence the total web application development period is drastically reduced.

Simple to extend and scale

Django is evolving rapidly to meet the dynamic changes in the field of web application development. It is simple for Django developers to scale, extend as well as customize the web framework by modifying the decoupled components.


Django is highly versatile enabling it to create applications for different domains. CMS’s, social networks, scientific sites all can be developed quickly by leveraging this highly adaptable and simple platform.

Fully Loaded

This web framework includes numerous extras to aid with user authentication, sitemaps, content administration, RSS feeds as well as other things. These aspects aid in carrying out the web development process to completion.

Major features of this popular web framework are robust design, quick development of software, stellar documentation and tutorials, a large community with readymade solutions, versatile nature, relatively short learning curve and last but not least a high degree of clarity as well as readability.

Benefits of React Native App

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook. The former is a programming platform leveraged by developers to create cross-platform mobile apps employing JavaScript. You can write the code a single time and deploy it on Android as well as iOS. Note that even though the apps are in the JavaScript language, they will employ the device’s native features. This is made possible by bridging relevant features to JavaScript.

We take a look at the benefits and features of React Native

Code reuse across different platforms

The same code can be used for deployment on both iOS and Android. It results in an enormous saving in money as well as drastically slashes down the development period.

Architecture akin to React

Thanks to the modular as well as intuitive interface, other developers can extremely easily join someone else’s project and complete it successfully. This boosts the flexibility of any development team. Because of the architecture, it is simpler to update as well as upgrade web applications. From the tester’s perspective, the minimum time is needed to comprehend the coding logic and develop suitable testing scenarios.

Support of large community

React Native is supported by a large and fast-growing community. So, if you have any doubts, Issues or problems there will be someone available to resolve it. There are many components already developed and maintained by the community. So, you don’t have to build everything from scratch. You simply have to use the available component. This way your valuable time, money and effort are saved.

The platform is free

As React native is open source anyone can use the frameworks and its library without any charge. Applications developed using React Native are more economical to develop than in other platforms. This platform is ideal for startups on a tight budget. You get a good quality programming framework at no cost. What more could you ask for?

Large organizations are using the platform

Not only Facebook, famous entities such as Pinterest, Instagram, Skype, Tesla, Airbnb, Walmart, Bloomberg and other renowned brands are powered by this efficient and effective platform. Hence this is a proven and well-tested technology. Given its ease of use and high quality, the popularity of this powerful and flexible platform is only going to increase in the future.

Ease of marketing

The market stores of Apple and Google follow a lengthy and tedious process to approve fresh web apps. This results in a delay to market release consuming critical time. By the time an app is approved, it may be obsolete. Here you can make minor changes quickly and make the latest version available quickly to consumers. There is control over the update’s releases.

Note that the performance of React Native apps is at par with native apps.

PHP Vs Python


Both PHP and Python are popular web development languages. We compare the two so that you are aware of the pros and cons of each language and select the one that is suitable keeping in mind your unique requirements as well as preferences.

How to choose between PHP and Python?

Choosing a programming language depends on two factors: market viability of the language and what is the sort of programming you want to do. Python is a general-purpose programming language invented by Guido Van Rossum. The former is notable for its elegant syntax as well as extremely readable code. PHP on the other hand is fast and flexible. It powers everything ranging from a simple blog to the most popular websites in the world today. We compare the two programming platforms.

Learning Curve

Python is far easier to learn than PHP. The former is a general-purpose language in which you can become adept in a very short span of time. Many programming courses for beginners employ the Python programming language to train folk on programming fundamentals. Programs created using Python are relatively shorter as well as easy to write than programs written harnessing contemporary programming languages. The syntax is relatively simpler and the syntax is much more readable when benchmarked against other programming languages.

PHP wasn’t designed with the purpose of being a general-purpose language. Rather it was meant for web applications that are certainly more complex. Definitely learning PHP takes more time than learning Python. A major factor to select a particular programming language is the duration taken to learn as well as master it. From the beginner’s perspective learning Python is far easier. PHP was never targeted towards beginners. As a matter of fact, it was meant to be used by expert as well as experienced coders.

Platform Support

PHP code works on all operating systems. Developers don’t need to worry about the latter.


PHP is far more popular than Python. As per statistics, PHP powers over 80% of the websites worldwide. Python became popular when Google started using it. It is rising in popularity.


As Python is interpreted the programs written in the former run slowly. In the domain of web development, it is extremely important that the application runs fast. PHP programs run much faster than Python programs. PHP 7 is twice as fast as PHP 5.


The most popular CMS namely WordPress is built employing PHP. The latter provides more versatile options in terms of CMS.

Syntax errors

Python is extremely tolerant of syntax errors. Programs written in Python run even in the presence of minor errors. The same cannot be said about programs written using PHP.


PHP users have access to mature frameworks. On the other hand, Python has a smaller number of frameworks.

Database Connectivity

PHP scores over Python in terms of seamless database connectivity. Via PHP it is possible to access more than 20 different databases.

Community Support

PHP has a larger support community than Python. However, the Python community is currently growing at a fast pace.

The online HTML, CSS and JS cleaner will take care of your dirty web code. They are all free online programs.

Reasons to Choose PHP 7.X

PHP is a server-side scripting language. Several websites are powered by PHP. Many programmers are familiar with as well as use it. We look at the reasons why choosing PHP version 7 is a smart decision.


PHP is compatible with operating systems based on Windows as well as Unix. Hence users can manage as well as upgrade their respective PHP powered websites with ease and without any hassles. Since PHP works on most operating systems, websites developed using this technology have greater reach as well as popularity. The technology is perfect for cross-platform development. Hence the same code can be reused on other platforms. Money, time and effort are saved by not having to develop platform-specific code.


PHP 7 is considerably faster than earlier versions of PHP and other programming platforms. Websites created using this technology have faster performance resulting in happy users. People are more likely to be on a site that loads as well as performs fast. Since many people use smartphones to browse websites PHP powered sites are popular because of lesser load time compared to sites powered by other technology platforms. Search engines take into account site speed for rankings. Hence websites based on PHP 7 rank higher resulting in drawing more traffic.

Superior Error/Exception Handling

This is an attractive feature of the latest version of PHP. Websites using this technology have relatively less errors as well as downtime.

Demand from WordPress recommends folk to employ the latest PHP version for superior performance as well as security. PHP 7 offers improved development features and has removed poorly created and outdated functionality.

It is free

Compared to other platforms, PHP stands out as it is absolutely free. Overall development cost is reduced. Most start-ups are usually on a tight budget. They can also afford to use PHP.

It is easy to learn

Even beginners can learn PHP. The simplicity of PHP makes it possible to create impressive as well as powerful websites in a short span of time.

The technology is open source

This feature of PHP means that developers have access to the source code and can easily tweak it to meet their unique demands as well as preferences.


PHP 7 offers a much greater degree of security compared to earlier versions. Many people run their business on their websites such as e-commerce companies and others. They cannot afford to have their site hacked or rendered inactive. It is also important to maintain the secrecy of customer data as well as company data. Hence security is a top priory which PHP 7 delivers effectively and consistently.

Other attractive features of PHP 7 include easy scalability, ease of maintenance, ease of integration, availability of powerful programming frameworks, OOP functionality, ease of deployment on servers and more.

Why Choose WordPress?

You may be starting a new business or running a well-established enterprise. Today people prefer to shop online. So, you need to have a website to inform people about your enterprise’s existence. The website should also contain the products and/or services you are offering. There are many platforms to host your website. So why choose WordPress as the preferred platform for your business website. We take a look at the different reasons to do so.

WordPress is simple to setup, manage as well as update

Everybody does not know technology. You do not need to know technology to use WordPress. Businesses can start off with a simple and free plan. The former can migrate to a more sophisticated and paid plan in the future.

The platform is inexpensive

Even if you are on a tight budget or are a small business you can afford this platform. Entities can use WordPress for free. You do not have to hire web designers or developers for this platform. Anybody can use this platform as it is easy to use and extremely user friendly. You can have your enterprise website up and running in practically no time.

Good SEO facility

No matter the credentials of the business or the quality of your website you will not get visitors unless your website ranks high in major search engine results. WordPress is designed to give your site a high ranking.


The extremely large community of WordPress developers has built numerous plugins empowering you to build websites of various types. If you need a specific kind of website for your enterprise there is a high probability that there is already a plugin to create it without any charges. Businesses come in different types and sizes and WordPress is flexible to accommodate any kind of business website.

Loads quickly

WordPress powered sites load in no time. Today’s customer has many choices and is typically impatient. So, if your site takes time to load they won’t wait. They will simply go to another site. This means loss of customers for your business.

Responsive design

Today most customers use their smartphones to browse websites. WordPress sites are designed to function seamlessly and perform optimally no matter the type of device used.


Today WordPress powers more than a quarter of websites globally. This is a testimony to its popularity and reliability. When you use WordPress, you are using a global as well as tested platform. The large community of WordPress developers are constantly working on developing new plugins, making sure the technology is state-of-the-art and fix any security issues. Security is paramount for all businesses and the WordPress platform ensures that.




What is IoT?

The Internet of things(IoT) is simply put a system of devices connected to the web as well as to each other. Example of devices include refrigerators, washing machines, light switches, wearable devices and more. Its scope goes beyond household devices to include the business space.

The potential of IoT

The Internet of Things(IOT) makes use of network connections to enable seamless communication between systems and devices. It has the power as well as capability to transform the way business is conducted today. Its popularity is rising and is projected to be much more widespread than it is in present times.

Here are some of the ways IOT will change business

Superior customer service

The data sent by sensors placed in devices makes the job of handling customers easier for advertisers as well as marketers. Products and/or services can be sold at rates considered reasonable by customers. Customer behavior is monitored which helps develop better ways of handling customers.

Businesses become more environmental friendly

Most of us are aware of the need to protect our environment. Motion sensors can detect if anybody is present in a room. Accordingly, it can turn off electrical appliances used for illumination and air conditioning. This way substantial energy can be saved.

Superior decision making

The sensors used in devices of all sizes record data and dispatch it to the business owners. The latter get a lot of real time data. This data can be leveraged to make better decisions. Future trends can be predicted with greater accuracy and accordingly products and/or services can be offered.

No need of soliciting data from customers

This relatively new technology has made it possible for enterprises to obtain access to a significant quantity of customer data without having to query or request clients/customers.

Provide proactive support to customers

If a certain product is due for servicing or malfunctions alerts can be issued to the concerned customer as well as the manufacturer’s customer service division. Examples include automobiles, electrical gadgets, electronic appliances, security systems and more. This results in superior service and in the long run ensures customer loyalty and brand building.

Fresh consumer requirements

Customers who buy devices that are IoT enabled will have new requirements in the future. Demand will manifest for features they didn’t know they desired before and their expectations of fresh purchases is likely to increase. More consumer requirements means more business that translates to higher revenues.

IoT is a relatively new technology yet to be embraced by all business entities. Given its vast potential to make businesses far more effective and efficient the future business and technological trend is definitely IoT.

Importance of Motion UI

Looks matter in most aspects of the business. Motion pictures particularly optimized ones as well as 3D graphics will attract customers to your business’s website. Video content is factored into Google’s algorithm. So, your website will have superior SEO leading to higher rankings in most search engine results. This leads to more visibility, more traffic and more business translating to relatively higher revenue as well as higher profits. To sum it up it’s a win-win situation for businesses.

A quality design is necessary to any business website or app. This helps to provide potential customers with the superior user experience. Businesses can effectively ramp up their reach to more number of visitors as they find site and app navigation a breeze. Earlier static design was the norm. However today the emerging as well significant trend is motion design. The latter infuses life into your enterprise’s digital products and/or services.

With the evolution of web technologies flash is increasingly replaced by HTML5, CSS3 as well as motion graphics. The latter provides a pretty simple and highly immersive experience to visitors of the business website. Use animations, graphics and transitions to market your products and/or services to potential customers.

User interface is important to any business website. The priority is to have an interface which is simple to navigate as well as is highly user friendly. Leveraging user interface in motion you can develop animations, motions and actions to bring user attention to important sections of the business’s website. This is a novel manner to navigate as well as engage the audience. As per requirement user interfaces in motion can be tailored to make captivating as well as alluring business websites. This trend is quite popular today and will only grow in the future.

Motion UI is a front-end framework employed for developing 100% responsive web designed apps. The former has custom coded transitions which enables developers to easily craft smooth as well as rich motion within the native app setting. Motion UI includes modular scrolling, page header transitions, parallax, overlay, animated charts, hovers and more. It is swift, extremely customizable as well as can be smoothly included in websites making the latter preferable for customers of your business.

Motion design can aid the visitors to comprehend the solution by showing the latter what happens post a certain action as well as guide the user’s eye to the action’s destination. When the motion is correctly implemented it can be harnessed to narrate your store in an easy as well as extremely simple manner.