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Create an impressive website career & job application page, manage open positions on website, collect applicant data, filter out thousands of files for accurate results, and access it anytime, anywhere... a one-stop solution to simplify & improve your recruitment process awaits!

Brand Career Page

A customized career page for your brand that suits your website’s layout & design and mirrors your brand voice. You can add employee testimonials, company event gallery, recruitment process, & so on.

Manage Open Positions

Speed up your talent acquisition process by listing your company’s open positions on the Job Search page. Keep them up-to-date from the HR dashboard that provides you complete hold of the recruitment.

Advanced Job Search Filters

Advanced filters like key skills, departments, etc. on your website’s Job Search page make the Job search easy for applicants. You can manage these filters from the HR dashboard when required.

Online Application Submission

Simplify the application submission process for candidates with an online application form where they can fill-in personal details & upload their resume. Enjoy the ease of access with real-time application sync to your HR dashboard.

Offline Resume Submission

Add offline resumes of applicants received via email to your HR dashboard by logging in and filling in details. Now you can find both offline & online applications in one place.

Unlimited Resume Storage

Store unlimited resumes of applicants without the worry of running out of space. Access them anytime and anywhere, at a lightning-fast speed.

Advanced Resume Filters

Finding an application in thousands is like a needle in a haystack. Advanced filters on the Resume Listing HR dashboard save time by narrowing your search based on various parameters such as company, department, notice period & so on.

Resume Content Search

Its unique Content-based search further streamlines your shortlisting process. You can even search in every applicant’s uploaded resume files and get precise results for the smallest details like technology expertise, qualification, education & so on.

Multi-Site management

Manage the recruitment for your multiple businesses in one place. You can now manage open positions and resumes of multiple businesses through one HR dashboard & boost your efficiency.

Browser & Device Compatibility

Empower your HR team with the ease of accessibility via their mobiles, desktops, and tabs. No matter what your browser is, simply browse and access your HR dashboard anywhere with its seamless compatibility with multiple devices & browsers.


Create Force is the perfect tool that has improved our recruitment processes. It helped us save lots of time & efforts that otherwise go into managing thousands of applications by our HR department. Our hiring process is much more coordinated & efficient now! I definitely recommend this awesome tool

Tulika Bhatia
Sr. HR Executive

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