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16 Steps to Optimize WordPress Site

People who are running website on WordPress platform, wants to optimize it to get more traffic and conversion. But don’t know how many steps they have to follow.

Here are we providing you the 16 steps to optimize your WordPress Website

1. Know Your Visitors
2. Present Clear Value Proposition
3. Post Relevant & Persuasive Content
4. Deliver Consistent Message
5. Clear Call to Action
6. Balance Your Content & Images
7. Create User Friendly Layout
8. Use Emotional Triggers
9. Remove Distractions
10. Don’t Ask For Too Much Information
11. Build Trust
12. Respect Privacy
13. Use Testimonials
14. Keep It Simple
15. Test Every Component of Website
16. Ensure Less Loading Time

By following these simple steps anyone can optimize his WordPress website in proper manner and get more conversion and traffic. But if you are not capable to finish following steps feel free to contact us

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