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5 Years of Success


Create your own path, It’s your own journey.Tech9logy creators turned 5 by successfully completing the Half-Decade in the business!!!

It excites us so much whenever we think about our 5 long years journey, how we have been strong all through and keeping our stomach tight, and ride along with the roller coaster that we started.

Although the company turned 5 on 12th February 2019, due to a busy schedule that’s indeed a good sign!!, we celebrated it magnificently on 27th April 2019 at Radisson Blu, Faridabad, after-all, it was a half-decade.

These 5 years consisted of patience and hard work of the Founders, and every single employee dedicated in raising the graph of the company in every possible.

A formal party was planned to celebrate company 5th year Anniversary at Radisson Blu, Faridabad and it turned out to be an amazing experience being there with everyone. The complete day was perfectly planned with the Award ceremony, games, team building activities, and a delicious luncheon.

Dev Anand and Sunil Kumar were two among us all, who completed their 5 years in the company. It’s so good to know that people who started with us are continuing with us on the journey towards success. Dev Anand gave us a sneak peek of the 1st year journey of their crazy pizza party for every small thing and their cravings for shakes from their home office kitchen. To recognize their commitment towards the company, a special memento was awarded to them for successfully completing 5 years service.

2018 was a notable year for all of us for many reasons New Employees, New Projects, and New Client Acquisitions. Everything new and growing!! Talking about new, the founders introduced company values which have been the driving force behind them in all these 5 years, and will now be officially part of every employee of Tech9logy Creators. We strongly stand with our Values introduced as Q-PECT – Quality, Process Adherence, Excellence, Commitment and Timely Delivery.

The simple act of saying “thank you” does wonder. We work hard and the company doesn’t forget to appreciate it. Here come year-end performance awards for best performers of Tech9logy Creators:

Customer Kudos Award – For absolute appreciation from the client.

Prerna Tyagi

Ace of Innovation Award – Introducing emerging technology.

Vishnu Pundhir

Rockstar Rookie – Showing more than expectation performance.

Gopal Giri Goswami

Rockstar Rookie – Showing more than expectation performance.

Chitra Singh

Cloud 9 Collaborator Award – Best Team Leader.

Dev Anand

The Employee of the Year Award – For being the best performer Individually and Team.

Ajay Rana

It was super fun, exciting and craziness all around, just like a festival. Cheers to the success and half-decade of Tech9logy Creators.


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