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Awesome Upcoming Features in WordPress 4.4

With the new next release of WordPress 4.4 coming up it is surely shaping up to be a very groundbreaking release. The ideas of various plugins, themes and other aspects are well known to users but here we look at some of the major changes and improvements taken by the WordPress development team.

Externally embedded

You can now use a handful or very limited number of filters to customise and give your site a mind-blowing look when your site has been embedded somewhere. There are also various new options for retrieving and displaying embedded content. You also have the ability to embed or remove the embedment anytime you choose to which gives you complete control over your site.

Rest API

There is a very improved infrastructure which can be used to create a REST API in WordPress core. You can use your own end points or go for the latest version of the REST API plugin. It is now easier than ever. The new embedded features use this new infrastructure to give you a complete understating and usage of the REST API plugin.

Responsive image insertion

You can now use display filters and image tags easily in your wordpress site. These two aspects will allow the browser to pick the correct image size and download it for usage. The browser will not download the other sizes of the image so no amount of problems will be faced there. This will help in saving bandwidth as well as making sure that the page loads quickly without any kind of lag. New functions also include filters and an additional default image size which helps in the creation of responsive images.

Comment component cultivation

The new comments field being introduced is another great feature. On the front end the comments field will always appear first. It will appear before the name and email fields, which will end up fixing a longstanding bug. Even if the behaviour was different for logged in and logged out users. Comments are now represented by a WP_comment class and comment queries. Both of these are incredibly more powerful than before giving your site more power.

WordPress 4.4 is needed

You can now start testing the themes, plugins and sites with the WordPress 4.4. Install it using the Beta Installer or download it from any credible source. The release being targeted around December 8, 2015 site owners will be extremely pleased with starting the New Year with their website in a new light. The additional features will surely give them more control and also ensure better handing of data on their site. These are just some of the additional improvements which have been made to the new ecommerce platform. If you are looking to upgrade your website now is the time since wordpress has long been known to be one of the best platform providers on the planet. With sophisticated layouts and extremely efficient interfaces you have nothing to lose with the new version.

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