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List of Best Google Material Design Framework

Google Material Design Framework

A material design depicts the visual influence of a material that is designed creatively with the help of technology tools and scientific strategies too. The material of Google was first launched in 2014. It is a design language that was specifically created for Google Android’s operating system (OS). The idea behind this concept was to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

Various material design frameworks are used to create more appealing webpages and apps and to deliver better results for UI frameworks and Bootstraps too. Few of the best material design frameworks have been listed below:

Material UI – Material UI is a useful CSS framework comprising of components that make use of Google’s material design. It also provides support to web components like icons, buttons, toolbars, switches, and help them develop correctly.

Materialize – Materialize is the most recent responsive front-end framework that makes use of material designs and consists of some basic components like forms, buttons, cards, grids, etc. This is a major reason why it is used more often in web-related projects and supports CSS files, material design icons, SCSS files, etc.

Bootstrap Material – Bootstrap has 740 original material design icons and is a theme-based framework that provides all possible components used in it.

Angular Material – If in case you’re looking for a great support to UI components then, you can opt for Angular Material. It makes them accessible and reusable as per the requirements.

Polymer – The polymer project is a framework that encourages the use of web components for perfect web development. It supports all major and modern browsers. The variety of unthemed elements provided here can be used to achieve the transitions, layouts and scroll effects of your choice.

Ionic Material – This framework provides an extension of the library for the ionic framework. It means that changing the layout of your developed hybrid apps isn’t necessary if you desire to convert them into a materialized framework.

Material Design Lite – Based on the philosophy of Google material design, it is a vast library made up of various components. It is the right choice for users who are looking to add more material design to their dull and monotonous websites. Since it does not rely on any libraries or Javascript frameworks, it is often known as a self-dependent design framework.

Material Design Framework contains all the features and functionalities to fulfil your requirements. If you’re thinking of implementing it for your business then feel free to Contact us.

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