Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Web Application Development


The technology stack is one of the critical components of web application development. It refers to an assortment of necessary components like tools, frameworks, programming languages, and technologies used for software development. 

Technology Stack in a Nutshell

To choose the best technology stack for your application, you need to understand its structure. It comprises front-end, back-end, and middleware. 

  • Front-end refers to the part of the web apps where all the user interactions take place. You can rely on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development.
  • The back end is a part of web applications that is invisible to the users but powers the front end. You can use side programming languages to develop logic around the entire web application.
  • All other components such as content management systems, web servers, and similar tools are considered middleware. C# and Java programming languages are excellent for middleware.


3 Factors to Consider for Selecting the Best Technology Stack for Web Application Development

When it comes to web application development, you need to select the technology stack that maximizes performance and functionality for the scope of your project.

1. Size of your Web Application

The size of the web application matters when choosing the appropriate technology stack. As your web application grows in size, its complexity also rises exponentially.

You can use Webflow or Readymag tool to design small-size web apps containing 1 to 3 web page sites or portfolios. When you think of building medium-size web apps like financial apps, online stores, or enterprise applications, we suggest you go for NodeJS and Angular.

It is best to choose third-party tools for delivering large-size web apps with higher performance, better serviceability, and top-class scalability.

2. Scalability

Scalability refers to the capability of your web application to manage growth. You must consider both the vertical (features) as well as horizontal (users) growth of your app while selecting an apt technology stack.

The horizontal growth reflects the ability of your web application to handle user growth. Whereas, vertical growth corresponds to adding new features & functionalities as per user demand.

As the web app owner, you must ensure that the desired technology stack enables your web app to efficiently handle growth. An app that cannot scale will limit the progress of your business.

3. Development Cost

You can not ignore the company’s budget while investing in a particular technology stack. Although most technologies, tools, and frameworks are available free of cost, you might need to buy subscription plans.

Purchasing subscriptions to such tools grants you access to their advanced features. Additionally, you must consider the cost you need to pay to the web development partner. A pro tip is enquiring beforehand, taking an estimate for the maintenance of your app & accounting for it when calculating your total cost.

In addition to this, there are many more factors like security, updates & time to market. The right technology stack must tick as many boxes as possible, making it easier for you to develop & maintain it.

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