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Diwali Celebration 2019


It’s that time of the year when all the religions commemorate together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. The day of Diwali illuminates our lives with sparkling moments of growth and fortune.

The Tech9logy family also came together to celebrate this auspicious occasion with prayers, games, food and a lot more. The festivities had already begun prior to the day of Diwali by cleaning and decorating the office. It was a true delight and a fun moment to see all the employees coming together to beautify their second home with flowers, lights, lamps and lanterns.

The main day began with the holy rituals. All of us prayed and worshipped for prosperity and good health in the coming years. It was a treat to the eyes to see everyone dressed up so well. All the girls were draped in beautiful sarees whereas the guys were nailing their ethnic looks too. The day further moved towards games and music. Pictionary, Tambola and many more games were played to add more spice to this special day. Each member of the company enjoyed their day to the fullest. For them, it was a festival of “togetherness” sparkling with happiness. The day ended up with some delicious lunch and sweets. To conclude, all we can say is that the day was the purest amalgamation of fun, frolic, enthusiasm, bliss and prosperity.

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