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Tech9ites Moved Their Nest


“We just finished moving,
And we’re announcing the change,
Though the address is different,
The welcome’s the same.”

As the year has come midway, Tech9logy Creators has marked another milestone for itself. Gradually making our way through the stepping stones of success, we have grown and expanded massively in the few years of our journey. This expansion has been so explicit that we had to find a new place to fit our family. It has been such an overwhelming experience for us to see the dedication of our employees and loyalty from our customers, because of whom we stand where we are today. This event called for a celebration in the life of each Tech9ite.

To talk about the shifting itself first, we were surprised to see our employees engaging themselves in the entire process of moving our office to a new place. Everyone participated as if they were moving to a new home and well, indeed they were. 😉 On the celebration day, the adrenaline rush had reached its peak and that resulted in a blasting ceremony.

The occasion began with ribbon-cutting and some traditional rituals, followed by taking the blessings of family members and elders. The moment was extremely emotional for every person present there as all of us were stepping our foot into the new space for the first time. But at the same time, our empty stomachs were growling with hunger so it was time to attack the delicious morning snacks waiting for us.

Once we were all fueled up, we decided to spice up our day with some fun games. Dumb Charades is said to be one of the “traditional” games here at Tech9logy so we had to start off with that. The day then proceeded with another game called “Truth or Dare” and it will be a lie to say that many secrets and gossips about our employees didn’t come out splurging in this round. Soon after the fun gaming session, it was time to cut the mouth-watering chocolate cake and welcome all the new joys and happiness coming our way. All of us then sat down for lunch and ended the day with an amazing photo session.

The day truly became a beautiful memory for each Tech9ite. We are thankful to each employee and each client of ours who have contributed to changing this dream of Tech9logy Creators into reality.

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