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Finally Blue Check in WhatsApp..


Good News for WhatsApp User’s and who are planing to use it.

A recent change is noticed in acknowledgment system of whats app delivery report. Till Now double tick used to work as delivery acknowledgment of your message and it doesn’t make you sure wether it has being actually read or not.

But with advancement in system WhatsApp you will see a BLUE Color Double tick, indicating that your message is actually being read.

Double check ticks were misinterpreted by many of us as a sign of message being actually read by user but with latest advancement it clearly separates three steps in your message delivery.

First Layer i.e Single check defines that your message is being received by WhatsApp server but its not being delivered to user. Second layer i.e Double check mark tells us that your message is delivered to user and is being notified. But it doesn’t tell us wether its being read or not. But now Third Layer answers this question.

Third Layer i.e Blue coloring of your double check conforms it that your message is being read by user.

Another Trick to know more details about all 3 layers about your message you can Long Press your message and have access to detail timestamp of particular message.

Wait no more and keep a eye on your Partner.. Last seen can be disabled but not blue marks. So Enjoy, be Positive and more Smarter!!

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