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The process of developing a website for Internet users or an intranet that means a private network is defined as Web Development. Web development is a diverse platform and can include multiple tasks for the developer. It can begin from developing a simple page of plain text to complex business websites, web applications or social media pages. A developer can design, develop, configure and do a lot more for building a website from scratch. Therefore, these activities have been divided into three categories-

FRONT END DEVELOPMENT: Front end development is the process of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or web application done for direct interaction with the user. It is often known as “client-side” of development. A front end developer will analyze code, design and debug applications for seamless user experience. His main task is to enhance and develop the looks of a website. As a front end developer, you should always keep yourself updated with the tools and techniques. He will be responsible for site responsiveness, layouts, typography, grids, colours and the entire design of the website.

BACK END DEVELOPMENT: As the name suggests, Back end Development refers to the process of building the back end part of your website. This means that a back end developer will take care of the server-side of development. Introducing changes and updates, writing codes for the server or an application is the primary responsibility of a Back End Developer. Anything that is not visible to the user on the website such as databases and server is where the developer does his tasks. They’re also commonly known as programmers or web developers. These programmers need to have a good hold on languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and .Net to complete the functions of the back end. They are mainly focused upon the speed and responsiveness of a website because less responsive websites usually do not get much audience. The languages they use are used to create complex and dynamic sites, unlike the static sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps are some of the examples.

FULL STACK DEVELOPMENT: A full-stack, means a complete package of development. A full-stack developer is a technology expert who can take care of both, front end as well as back end development. He should be familiar with all the dealings of the front portion of the website, that deals with the user interface, then the back end portion of the website that deals with data validation and coding and then finally the database layer. This 3 tier model is a representation of how a full stack developer functions.

If you’re thinking of hiring Front end, Back end or Full stack developers, then Tech9logy Creators can provide you with professionally trained developers who hold an experience of over five years and can help your website or application become appealing, responsive and bug-free!

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