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Google Loon Balloon in India

Google Loon Project

India holds 3rd position in the world when it comes to Internet usage after China and U.S. But still internet facilities is not available to all Urban and Rural Areas. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s commitment to provide internet to everyone. Social Media Giant Facebook and Tech Giant Google are continuously working on a mission to provide internet to everyone in India. A research revealed the data that around 4.5 billion people don’t have access of Internet today.

Facebook, where plans to deliver internet via drones, Satellites, Lasers and more ; Google plans via loon Balloon.

loon for allGoogle’s project “Loon for All” – Balloon Powered Internet for Everyone can become a reality. Loon floats 60,000 feet in the air and is wi-fi friendly. These wifi friendly balloons will provide internet to everyone. Loon project can provides Internet for 100 days at any latitude. Like Google Glass and Google Self Driven Cars, Google Loon is a better future.

This latest technology may setup 2,00,000 towers in India alone to provide Internet. This would be the huge investment by Google in the telecommunication infrastructure. Its arrival year is 2016 to provides Internet to Rural areas in India.

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