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How IoT (Internet of Things) can revolutionize Business?



What is IoT?

The Internet of things(IoT) is simply put a system of devices connected to the web as well as to each other. Example of devices include refrigerators, washing machines, light switches, wearable devices and more. Its scope goes beyond household devices to include the business space.

The potential of IoT

The Internet of Things(IOT) makes use of network connections to enable seamless communication between systems and devices. It has the power as well as capability to transform the way business is conducted today. Its popularity is rising and is projected to be much more widespread than it is in present times.

Here are some of the ways IOT will change business

Superior customer service

The data sent by sensors placed in devices makes the job of handling customers easier for advertisers as well as marketers. Products and/or services can be sold at rates considered reasonable by customers. Customer behavior is monitored which helps develop better ways of handling customers.

Businesses become more environmental friendly

Most of us are aware of the need to protect our environment. Motion sensors can detect if anybody is present in a room. Accordingly, it can turn off electrical appliances used for illumination and air conditioning. This way substantial energy can be saved.

Superior decision making

The sensors used in devices of all sizes record data and dispatch it to the business owners. The latter get a lot of real time data. This data can be leveraged to make better decisions. Future trends can be predicted with greater accuracy and accordingly products and/or services can be offered.

No need of soliciting data from customers

This relatively new technology has made it possible for enterprises to obtain access to a significant quantity of customer data without having to query or request clients/customers.

Provide proactive support to customers

If a certain product is due for servicing or malfunctions alerts can be issued to the concerned customer as well as the manufacturer’s customer service division. Examples include automobiles, electrical gadgets, electronic appliances, security systems and more. This results in superior service and in the long run ensures customer loyalty and brand building.

Fresh consumer requirements

Customers who buy devices that are IoT enabled will have new requirements in the future. Demand will manifest for features they didn’t know they desired before and their expectations of fresh purchases is likely to increase. More consumer requirements means more business that translates to higher revenues.

IoT is a relatively new technology yet to be embraced by all business entities. Given its vast potential to make businesses far more effective and efficient the future business and technological trend is definitely IoT.

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