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How to Clean Database Log in Magento?


Magento is eCommerce software known for its rich eCommerce Tools and enterprise class features. Magento is perfect solution as it is open source platform that gives full flexibility to its users to modify and update core code. Magento has largest community with over 250,000 Merchants putting trust in eCommerce software.

Magento maintain various logs and keeps this unwanted data which makes your Magento portal slow. These are unnecessary data stored in database. This issue can be resolve easily, Magento has automated process of cleaning these logs but unfortunately its OFF by default.

These unwanted Magento logs can be removed by three ways i.e from Magento admin, Directory and phpmyadmin or mySQL

Cleaning Magento Database log is not hard as it sound. It is very easy also save time. It takes only upto 30 minutes to clean database log of Magento Store.

Here are the path to Clean Database log of Magento.

Visit MySQL >> Database >> Check Table Log you wants to clear>> Select Empty >> Choose Yes

Follow these process you can easily speedup your magePoint.

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