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Lohri Celebration 2020

Lohri Celebration 2020

Be it we call Lohri, Pongal, Sankranthi, Bihu, Maghi… Its the time of harvesting and freshness all around, with that freshness of strat, we at Tech9logy Creators wish you all a very happy, fresh and blessed start on this traditional New Year.

One of these glare festivals of harvesting, we celebrated at Tech9logy Creators in the energetic way of Lohri, as we generally do not miss the chance to celebrate the exciting festival of Indian rituals.

The day started with the Good news of the surprise celebration. Whereas Rewri ( sweet made of sesame and sugar ), Gajjak (a sweet made of peanut and jaggery), Peanuts, typical Indian masala Chai and Phulia (popcorn) were waiting aside in the celebration room.

The musical mahafil started with the sound of girls v/s boys musical competition “Antakshari”, the sound of laughter and witty fights of winning the points made the function more entertaining. The songs of the ’90s from the side of boys scatter the old melody and leads them towards winning. Finally, the function ended with the energetic group dance on traditional Lohri songs.

And here again, we all were ready on our desks for work after combining memories and energy of Lohri function.

Lohri diyaan sabnu lakh-lakh Vadhaiyan !