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Magento New Instant Purchase System to Boost Sales

Magento Instant Purchase system
Magento New Instant Purchase System to Boost Sales

Did you notice that few eCommerce sites possessed a one-click checkout process that Amazon did? The reason was that Amazon had the patent for around 10 years. The patent expired in September 2017. Earlier anyone wanting the instant purchase feature had to license it from Amazon. Magento has included this feature in Magento version 2.2.2.

Instant Purchase Feature

Magento has termed this functionality as Instant Purchase. Customers can place the order very quickly without undergoing the whole checkout process. This makes purchasing simpler as well as swifter. There is no need to enter previously stored data such as billing address, shipping address as well as payment method.

There exists an Instant Purchase button on each product page. When the user clicks on it, the system takes the order employing the stored payment method as well as default shipping address and billing address. When the order is successfully ordered the customer gets a pop-up notification.

Entities who have employed Instant Purchase have discovered it cuts the time taken to order goods/services by more than 90%. The feature is ideal for replenishment purchases as well as mobile shopping as it gets rids of most of the hassles in the process. Certain entities have discovered it pushes up impulse sales. Users can click and purchase while browsing the site and are not subject to the shock of viewing the cumulative cost of all items in their shopping cart.

The fresh Instant Purchase functionality offers returning users with a quicker checkout experience by utilizing earlier-stored payment data as well as shipping info and skipping checkout steps. When you choose the “Instant Purchase’ button you are instantly routed to a confirmation page to make the order. It is not required to supply your physical address, payment data and shipping preference. Magento takes care of everything.

Magento is the first entity to provide an experience similar to Amazon as a permanent feature. Instant Purchase harnesses Braintree Vault present in PayPal Payflow Pro, Braintree PayPal as well as Braintree Credit Card for stored payment data. It is possible to make changes to the Instant Purchase button text as well as business logic to tailor the overall experience for their requirements. For your information, the Magento community introduced the Instant Purchase feature.


Now Magento ramps up efficiency by incorporating Magento Shipping’s multi-carrier fulfilment as well as shipping capabilities. It is not necessary to employ multiple extensions. From the Magento admin, business entities can completely manage shipping activities ranging from comparing shipping prices of different carriers and configuring fulfilment rules as well as shipping options.

A new feature is Advanced Reporting which let businesses function more intelligently as well as efficiently.


Magento also has dotmailer email marketing automation that let businesses to set up as well as begin creating campaigns almost instantly. dotmailer helps more than 4000 B2B as well as B2C brands in over 150 nations. Thanks to the former more intelligent, quicker email campaigns are implemented. The ROI is maximized by virtue of advanced personalization as well as segmentation capabilities.

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