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In an environment, the term Automation is a much familiar word today where most IT-companies lack this technology and hence fail to Reduce its cost and efficiency. Today everybody wants quick results whether it’s real time information or on-demand services. Same expectations are even brought by us at our work. Automation is the answer for many business where it embraces as a path for responding constant changes.

Self service in a way has helped reduce IT support cost where one can complete the task with much cheaper rates, improving efficiency and hence creating an empowered environment. For many reasons, in-house tasks is mostly preferred by many IT professionals. But they fail to realize it’s significant benefits, their department as well as the organization as a whole are being deployed where they could offer end-users self-service solution.

It’s Benefits :

  • 1) Service Quality becomes better and so the end-user are happy.
  • 2) Faster the management and execution of results more the time saved.
  • 3) The process and resources becomes more transparent,efficient and traceable.
  • 4) Managed IT services resulting in positive end user experience.

Think of the time consuming manual IT tasks where one could have completed its task much before than the estimated time, and have to rely on others work. Don’t you think that work could have been handled at the end-users point. As self-service automation allows the end-user resolve problems independently without IT helpdesk support. Thus unfettering IT workforce and focus more on detracting business issues.

It might frighten you to handle control over the end-user. But varying level of controls can be applied :

  • . Fully Automated i.e, without the involvement of any IT member.
  • . Semi-Automated i.e, with partial involvement of IT member remotely approving procedures through sms, email or phone call.

Using this self-service :

  • · End user can Unlock an end-user account.
  • · User can reset password.
  • · A range of IT tasks can be performed such as independently freeing up server disk space or restarting Windows services.
  • . By sending alerts and notifications by email or SMS, such as password reset or expiry notifications, ownership can be transferred proactively from the IT department to the end-user.
  • . Users can also “order” there requirements from a list of standard options whether for test, development or production tasks requests, effective IT Service Management in an intuitive web portal.

In this way on-demand provisioning of any application and infrastructure request can be enabled by IT staff. Each service can be controlled and tracked by the administrators from initial request from the end-user to call back, recalling or withdrawing.

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