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Single website page? Still wants it to be SEO friendly?

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Single website page are a hot trend these days.Where many people who bash to maintain the pagination or do not plan to blog or landing pages, specified business offerings, or storytelling are more benefited with the single website page.But if the page is not structured properly than it’s a matter of worry for your website because the page becomes SEO unfriendly.And it seems a lot of irrelevant content on the page as you can’t target more than one main keyword phrase.

There are many SEO friendly single page websites.Some effective trick and techniques to elude all these difficulties:

1)Paginate your web architecture(Define Each content section):Separate each content into headings: features,headings,reviews, contact form,so on.If you are new to website and want to compile a traditional site format to a single page, you can simply separate the content according to the industry stds: home, about,contact, products, blog, etc.

2)Use multiple H1 tag: The H1 tag will separate each content distinctly.Just use one H1 for each section.

3)Create Anchor Links: Google looks anchor links! Anchor Links are a good signal to SEO so organize your CSS for Spiders and Create anchor links per page.Each anchor link should have a targeted keyword.

4)Separate Each Content Sections in DIVs :Each content section should be placed inside its own DIV .

5)Seek Authority: One should seek authoritative link backs through guest blogs. If you have content that goes viral build links which still holds some power as an SEO strategy.Do not Focus on building unsolicited links in random comment sections. Rather you should include social media buttons so that website and its content can be easily shared.

6)Make your content readable : Nothing ruins your ranking abruptly than a site that one cannot read easily. So it would be better choice to deliver quality content that’s apt to your audience.

7)Refresh your content: For a single page site that has infinite scrolling it is a must to keep updating your content in a timely manner to trick SEO. Be creative as to what you’ll change on your site, and how often for Google to rank your site high.

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