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Tech9logy Creators Celebrates 6 Smashing Years With a Bash

Tech9logy Creators Celebrates 6 Smashing Years

It’s said “if you don’t celebrate success, success won’t celebrate you!” and at Tech9logy Creators, we believe in doing everything to the fullest, be it work or celebrations. And this time, our happiness & smiles were even bigger as on 12th Feb 2020, our company completed 6 years of building compelling work & achieving global success in the industry.

What makes this event so special is our achievements during the course of last year. 2019 has indeed been a great one as NEW & BIGGER were the two constants in every action of ours. Be it our movement to the new & bigger office, acquiring new clients, or getting associated with the Delhi Government for one of their projects, all of these were moments of pride & honor for us. As the work has increased, so have we in number. From a team of 20 members in 2019, we are now 41. Our Founders’, Mohit Bansal & Ankit Bansal, the focus has never been on growing as a big company in terms of numbers; growth occurred because we delivered on the promises we made.

The year 2020 not only marked our 6th Anniversary but for every Tech9ite, it was also reminiscent of their hard work & success! The day began with an act of appreciation by our Founders to the members who have served for over 5 years with continued dedication & hard work. Ms. Sonia Gera & Mr. Ajay Rana were presented with mementos and were called on stage to share a few words about their journey with Tech9logy Creators. Then, the achievers who have performed exceptionally throughout the year were accorded with awards under the following categories:

  • Rockstar Rukooie – Deepak Rawat , Nitiksha & Aakash
  • Customer Kudos – Bhawna, Gopal, Biplov & Sunil
  • Ace of Innovation – Prerna, Ganpati & Ankita Chopra
  • Cloud 9 Collaborators – Tulika Bhatia
  • The employee of the Year – Vishnu Pundhir

Finally, it was time for the cake cutting ceremony by the whole team which took place at the office campus.

While we totally believe in working hard, we also believe in enjoying harder and for this purpose, we boarded our bus for a fun day at the Surajgarh Farms. Our first step in there was marked by a warm welcome by haldi tilak, and we entered the place grooving to Bhangra beats. The day was dedicated to fun & adventure activities like air gun, beam balancing and tug of war. Some other activities like kanche, pithoo & gulli danda evoked a sense of nostalgia for the good old days. It was purely a social event wherein all the members had an opportunity to get to know each other better in a casual environment.

Like our journey at work that has been an adventurous one so far, the day was just the same. Cheers to 6 years of Tech9logy Creators & looking forward to many more!

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