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Top reasons to choose PHP 7.x

Reasons to Choose PHP 7.X

PHP is a server-side scripting language. Several websites are powered by PHP. Many programmers are familiar with as well as use it. We look at the reasons why choosing PHP version 7 is a smart decision.


PHP is compatible with operating systems based on Windows as well as Unix. Hence users can manage as well as upgrade their respective PHP powered websites with ease and without any hassles. Since PHP works on most operating systems, websites developed using this technology have greater reach as well as popularity. The technology is perfect for cross-platform development. Hence the same code can be reused on other platforms. Money, time and effort are saved by not having to develop platform-specific code.


PHP 7 is considerably faster than earlier versions of PHP and other programming platforms. Websites created using this technology have faster performance resulting in happy users. People are more likely to be on a site that loads as well as performs fast. Since many people use smartphones to browse websites PHP powered sites are popular because of lesser load time compared to sites powered by other technology platforms. Search engines take into account site speed for rankings. Hence websites based on PHP 7 rank higher resulting in drawing more traffic.

Superior Error/Exception Handling

This is an attractive feature of the latest version of PHP. Websites using this technology have relatively less errors as well as downtime.

Demand from WordPress

WordPress.org recommends folk to employ the latest PHP version for superior performance as well as security. PHP 7 offers improved development features and has removed poorly created and outdated functionality.

It is free

Compared to other platforms, PHP stands out as it is absolutely free. Overall development cost is reduced. Most start-ups are usually on a tight budget. They can also afford to use PHP.

It is easy to learn

Even beginners can learn PHP. The simplicity of PHP makes it possible to create impressive as well as powerful websites in a short span of time.

The technology is open source

This feature of PHP means that developers have access to the source code and can easily tweak it to meet their unique demands as well as preferences.


PHP 7 offers a much greater degree of security compared to earlier versions. Many people run their business on their websites such as e-commerce companies and others. They cannot afford to have their site hacked or rendered inactive. It is also important to maintain the secrecy of customer data as well as company data. Hence security is a top priory which PHP 7 delivers effectively and consistently.

Other attractive features of PHP 7 include easy scalability, ease of maintenance, ease of integration, availability of powerful programming frameworks, OOP functionality, ease of deployment on servers and more.

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