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What to Expect in WordPress Version 4.2?

After the release of WordPress 4.1, Latest Version 4.2 of WordPress, is currently available for update or download in your WP dashboard. WordPress 4.2, named “Powell” in prestige of jazz pianist Bud Powell. After the beta testing phase for WordPress 4.2, both Beta 1 and Beta 2 were released in April 2015, and appeared to bring more fascinating features that developers are certain to like as well.

With the help of WordPress Beta Tester Plugin you can check out the beta version on your PC or on a staging environment.
Generally, the news is really cool and has a lot of exciting & new features in 4.2 that help you impart and offer, internationally.

Not certain whether or not to update immediately?

Have a look at the enhanced features in WordPress 4.2

1. Full Support For Emoji To Express Yourself

You have used Emoji’s as a part of your Facebook Statuses & Comments, Whatsapp Chat, Text Messages, and so forth. Now with WordPress 4.2, you can use Emojis in your WordPress blog posts, categories, comments, and in most spots where you can compose text.

WordPress 4.2 will have built-in emoji support. Creating posts on WP blogs will get to be significantly more fun with emoji.

2. Effortless Themes Switching In Customizer

WordPress 4.2 has changed to the way you install, browse, and preview themes utilizing the WordPress customizer. Now, you can directly switch, preview, and activate themes from the theme customizer screen directly.

3. Faster & Smoother Plugin Installation and Updates

With the stunning feature of WordPress 4.2 version, you can install and update plugins directly from the Plugins list. You can do wordpress plugin development and update the Plugins from the “Installed Plugins” screen by clicking Update, the plugin replenishes itself immediately without page reloading.

This will save time and provide an ease too. Plugins will also be activated or deactivated easily.

4. Easier Content Sharing via “Press This”

In WordPress 4.2 current release, Press This feature has been completely revamped. This function now provides some extraordinary options for sharing the content, videos and pictures from the web with lightning speed.

This section is Fully Responsive so that you can deal with small screen devices as well.

5. Extended Character Support

WordPress 4.2 has stepped up its support for latest characters, such as native Japanese, Chinese & Korean characters, hieroglyphs, and musical & mathematical symbols.

6. More Embeds

WordPress 4.2 has the capability to embed content from Kickstarter and Tumblr.com by pasting the link and watch them mysteriously popup into the content editor.

7. Under The Hood Improvements

  • JavaScript Accessibility
  • utf8mb4 Support
  • Shared Term Splitting
  • sComplex Query Ordering

Personally ….

Every new WordPress version comes with new & enhanced features, and hence improves users experience. The above mentioned features show that WordPress 4.2 is going to be absolutely incredible!!! I truly wish that WordPress is proceeding with its improvement bend and become even more adaptable & inventive.

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