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Why Chatbots are so useful in eCommerce Business

Chatbots in eCommerce business

Chatbots are computer programs that interact with visitors of a website. Ecommerce is booming nowadays. Businesses are looking at ways to get ahead of their competitors. Chatbots are one way to do so. We look at how chatbots boost ecommerce business.


  • Swift as well as effective response

Humans take time to understand and respond to customer queries and complaints. Since chatbots are computer programs they respond very quickly and accurately. If the customer asks for a particular product and/or service chatbots are able to retrieve relevant information from a computer database and supply it instantaneously to the customer.

  • No errors

Humans can make errors but chatbots make almost no errors. Thus, loss due to human errors is minimized. Also, customers appreciate error free and fast service and return to the website for future orders. The website also gets valuable word of the mouth positive publicity which is the best publicity for any ecommerce business.

  • Superior knowledge

A human can absorb limited information but chatbots can have very large databases of information. A human may not remember the last interaction the site had with a visitor but a chatbot certainly will.

  • Always available

A human operator is available only for limited time. Chatbots are available for help at all times. So, no matter what time a customer has an issue it will be resolved to his/her satisfaction.

  • Saves money

A human can serve only limited people at one time. Chatbots can serve many people at a time. Using chatbots you can service multiple people thus improving the level of customer service as well as satisfaction. Human personnel are much more expensive than chatbots. By replacing human personnel with chatbots ecommerce companies can get superior customer service while at the same time-saving lot of money. This money can be put to other useful purposes.

  • Overcomes language barrier

If you are operating in countries where the language is different you may not have human personnel who have knowledge of the language. It is relatively easy to develop or buy a chatbot which operates in multiple languages.

  • Expand customer base

No matter how many customers or prospects are logged in chatbots can cater to all of them. Thus, you are able to serve a larger number of people increasing business as well as revenue and profits.

  • Improves sales

Chatbots have access to information about all visitors. Important data such as name, location, previous orders placed, requirements and preferences are stored in a centralized database. Thus, chatbots are able to offer a personalized and superior user experience. Using data of past buying habits chatbots cross-sell as well upsell products and/or services to visitors of the site.

Earlier chatbots were not so advanced. However, with progress in Artificial Intelligence technology, the chatbots have become more sophisticated and able to serve customers as well as prospects better. Chatbots are indeed the future of ecommerce. And with chatbot technology becoming better and better with time it is going to see even more widespread adoption by ecommerce entities.

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