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Why you should choose React Native over Expo

Why you should choose React Native over Expo

Why you should choose React Native over Expo

React Native is no-doubt home for creating high performance iOS and Android apps. Hence turns out to bag some major companies like Netflix and Airbnb.
React Native provide two ways to build an app… One is based on “Expo” and another one is based on “Native”. We often get request to explain and compare, best suited way for project.

Expo has its own components And the best feature is that developers can build an iOS app without having a mac.
Expo doesn’t require Android Studio or xCode to build an app. Expo has its own dashboard and way to provide an app. It doesn’t provide Android and iOS native folder but React Native provide both folders from where we can access and work on the Native code.


Expo has its easiest and fastest way to build your app with Expo client app on your Android or iOS phone. You just need to scan your app’s QR code and you will get your app on your phone for development.
But If you are planning to build a large application. I will suggest going with “Native”. This is because Expo have limited component that may not serve all your purpose. In React Native, Native doesn’t mean to code in swift or java instead it’s all javascript which is based on react.js.

With some advantages, Expo have some disadvantages too, which can make you think of using React Native’s Native code.
Here are some parameters:

1. App Size

Expo has a bunch of APIs which they include in binary, doesn’t matter you use it or not. This lets you push over the air updates to use new APIs, but comes at the cost of binary size. The size of an Expo app is approximate.
React Native only include the libraries which you are using.

2. Native Code

Expo doesn’t let you access/edit the native code if you wish to do. You can only write your code in JavaScript.
React Native does let you go deep down to native code and do the changes in that. This lets you to have a full control of your app.

3. Third-party libraries

When we talk about using third-party libraries… Expo doesn’t let us do. Like if you want to use background geolocation or play audio in the background, Expo doesn’t have support.
On the other side, React Native doesn’t have a restriction with third-party libraries. You can use whatever library you want to.

4. Auth0

It’s a native module and Expo doesn’t support it. If you are using Expo you will need to forget Auth0.
But we can use in React Native because it allows us to use third party library and native code.
Expo still have many bugs which are common for a new platform. If you want your app which has fewer features (which support Expo) or in less time, you can prefer “Expo”. But if you want to create a big app with some advanced features, you should use “Native” code.

I hope this helps you to understand clearly. If you have a different experience. We’re happy to listen!

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