World of B2B Marketing Automation

B2B Marketing Automation
In the modern age, marketing automation has created an almost innate position for itself in the Digital Marketing world. From generating customers to managing and closing leads that enter their lead pipelines, it facilitates all these processes and has earned the reputation of being an immensely valuable tool. B2B Marketing Automation has changed the way of doing business overnight, particularly for small & medium organizations. Scroll down to know more about B2B Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation: Understanding the Basics

As the name suggests, marketing automation is a software that facilitates organizational growth by automating marketing efforts. It allows the user to track customer engagement and thence create a personalized experience for everyone. It benefits not only the organization but customers too by aligning a great experience and helping them find exactly what matters. A win-win situation for both parties.

This tool helps marketers reach prospects and engage them via multiple online mediums including email marketing, lead nurturing & inbound marketing, social media marketing, landing pages & forms and digital advertising.

Key Functions of Marketing Automation

 – Generate Leads: It collects information about the prospective buyers of your product/service and engages them with marketing content that could facilitate their conversion into customers. This could include a step-by-step guide.

 – Manage Leads: Once the leads are generated, they are passed through the marketing funnel before they’d be ready for sales. This process includes segmentation of audience, lead nurturing and lead qualification.

 – Create & Manage Email Marketing Campaigns: In B2B marketing, there’s a very thin line between closing deal with prospective leads and letting them slip away through the cracks. You have to trigger the leads at the right time with the right content to ensure that the latter is prevented. With B2B marketing automation, you can build robust emails, create A/B testing and trigger automated email delivery.

 – Align Marketing & Sales Team: It aligns both sales & marketing teams for better results. For instance, the sales teams can help with their research of patterns & create marketing-approved drip campaigns and the marketing team can adapt better techniques to improve sales.

 – Create ROI Reports: Chief stakeholders often need to assess the performance & revenue of marketing efforts. With marketing automation, one can easily check the report on campaign performance, the status of your funnel and much more at a glance.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

While some of the key benefits are already listed above, marketing automation does more than that. Here’s how it can be effectively used for multiple other reasons.

1.  Links data from your CRM to marketing campaign providing a complete view of the prospect activity. This aligns both sales & marketing team.

2. Identifies & prioritizes all hot leads.

3. Nurtures cool leads to make them sales-ready.

4. Brings quality leads that positively impact revenue.

5. Personalizes customer experience.

6. Targets buyers at different stages of the purchase cycle.

7. Facilitates data-driven decision making and identification of new opportunities.

B2B Marketing Automation Solutions

Driving great results for organizations, B2B Marketing Automation has proven to be an amazing friend of over 79% B2B global marketers. While there are multiple such tools available in the market today, it’s important that you establish your goals and content strategy before making the choice. One of the most significant that has helped many marketers grow is Salesforce Pardot. This tool is aimed at enhancing lead generation & management, close deals for the sales team, and maximize ROI.

Salesforce Pardot

Here’s why Pardot is the best B2B Marketing Automation solution.

– It’s built on the wold’s no.1 CRM platform.

– It provides quick implementation & fast result generation.

– Its B2B Marketing Analytics can be used to organize and analyze marketing & sales data for decision making.

– It automates the sales process & creates marketing-approved campaigns so that the sales team can channelize their efforts in closing a deal.

Why Tech9logy Creators for B2B Pardot Implementation?

Want to explore the opportunities B2B Marketing Automation beholds for your business? With such a crucial process that determines your future success, you can only resort to reliable means. Tech9logy Creators, a leading Salesforce & Web Development company in India, is exactly the place you’ve been looking for.

Automation cannot start automatically but requires a great amount of planning, logic and expertise that comes from experience. We’ve helped multiple clients across the globe to implement Padot for B2B Marketing Automation and make the most out of it.

If you still have are not sure, you can contact us now and talk to industry experts who will be there to answer all your queries.


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