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WordPress Child Theme Development

WordPress Child Theme inherits all the Features and Styles of its Parent Theme and permits you to change, or add to, the functionality of Parent Theme. Child themes are recommended approach to modify your WordPress themes.

For example if you modify your Parent theme’s style.css file and an update it, then the version of style.css that you altered will be replaced by the new version. And your modifications will not extend.


Are WordPress Child Themes Recommended?

There are few reasons why Child themes are the recommended way to customize your WordPress themes:

  • If you customize a parent theme directly and it is updated, then all the modifications you have done will be lost forever. But with child theme your modifications are preserved.
  • Not just Child theme make updating simple, it additionally verifies that you will never ruin your original theme as you are never really modifying the files. You can simply turn off the child theme and turn back on the original.
  • Child themes are the best way to to learn about WordPress Theme Development.

Benefits of Using WordPress Child Theme

1. Keeps up Changes Through Updates

The main advantage of WordPress child theme is that it has the capacity to maintain any changes, even if the whole system has been updated.

2. Preserve all Files

When using Child theme, you cannot lose any of the Parent theme files because they will never really be touched. It reduces the chances of any permanent damage being done on your site.

3. No Knowledge of FTP Required

Child Theme diminishes the learning curve and essentially permits full functionality. However, having slight Knowledge of FTP will help in accelerating transfer of files to WordPress site.

4. Speed Up the Development Time

Child theme doesn’t required to be created from scratch which will Speed up the development time.

5. Makes it Easy to build Interrelated Sites

By Using Child theme, You can create a series of websites that are related to one another & all function in a similar manner.

6. Widgets & Plugins

Parent themes not only provide the design but also consist of widgets and plugins which can be directly used in the child theme.

7. Less Time Consuming

The amount of time to create Child theme as compared to parent theme is much faster, since most of the work has been done already.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Are you looking to add or modify something in the theme that you are using? If yes, then you have arrived at the Right Place !

Our WordPress professionals provides top notch and cost-effective wordpress child theme development service with 24/7 Customer Support across the globe. Our specialists have the necessary experience to develop or customize child themes for your wordpress site. Child Themes developed by our experts are affordable, faster and hassle free.

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