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The eCommerce industry witnesses substantial growth in terms of technology development & revenue every year. Almost every day the IT experts wake up to some new updates that are introduced to create a better user experience and attract more audience towards online shopping. While the increasing profits have also been a constant, the eCommerce industry drew curtains to a big surprise of a 30% increase in sales in 2020.

It amazed the experts to see how COVID-19 induced strict lockdown made people shift to online shopping platforms. People who were earlier skeptical about online purchases now had time & reason to explore its benefits and are not going anytime back to offline shopping. Almost 150,000,000 new shoppers joined the eCommerce industry in 2020. While this has created more opportunities for retailers in the online marketplace, it does not ensure profitability for every eCommerce store as the competition, too, has increased.

Thus, it is now more important than ever to provide your customers with a unique & hassle-free online buying experience to make your brand stand out. So, we are here with some great trends that are must follow for every eCommerce business to ensure success.

Have An Omnichannel Presence

People around the globe will access your website from different devices. Is your eCommerce ready to entertain them with an amazing user experience? You should make sure that your device has an omnichannel presence and looks great on all kinds of devices, including desktops, tabs, and especially smartphones.

Mobile phone shopping is increasing at a fast pace. You can either optimize your website for mobile phones or create a dedicated application. And with thousands of mobile phone applications already there, you need to provide your customers with a great user experience, too.

Analyze Consumer Behaviour & Create Unmatched UX

Creating a unique User Experience (UX) that facilitates online sales is the key. It sounds easy but is often hard to implement. Many brands end up creating beautiful & intricate website where the customers do not know how to shop. The only thing you need to stand out is having your basics strong & create a simple user experience that makes buying convenient for users. Here’s how brands are responding to this need of convenience on eCommerce:
– Providing ease of checkout by minimizing the steps involved in it.
– Replacing in-person assistance of offline shopping with chatbots.
– Implementing 3D modeling & Augmented Reality (AR) to create an offline shopping experience. Consumers can now virtually try products & then order. This also reduces the chances of returns & brings down your cost substantially.
– Embedding your platform with Voice Search to meet the latest trends.
– Integrating with multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and net banking. A few brands have also enabled payment via bitcoins.

Bringing Consumer Expectations & Experience Closer

Almost 64% of global consumers prefer eCommerce stores that provide free shipping. 75% buy products with eco-friendly packaging and are willing to pay more for it. You need to analyze your customer behavior in order to reduce the gap between their expectations & experience. Fulfillment of customer expectations is emerging as a competitive differentiator that can boost your sales & establish a brand reputation. Many brands are finding ways to meet the requirements efficiently by automating inventory management and streamlining the return process & supply chain.

Overcoming Marketplace Dominance

Records show that out of total eCommerce sales, 50% are through marketplaces. This is because most of the eCommerce stores are transactional in nature, showcasing multiple products. To attract more buyers, you need to be more than an online buying store. You need to create a powerful & elegant destination.

You can turn your eCommerce store into an online destination by:
– Providing efficient & quick customer servicing.

– Personalizing marketing efforts with features like preference-based suggestions, etc.

– Building community through social media engagements.

Focusing On Retention As Acquisition Spikes

With the end of third-party cookies, the cost of acquiring new customers has increased. Almost every online store is now making efforts to secure a good rank in search results through Digital Marketing. In acquiring new customers, do not forget your existing ones; word of mouth still remains superior.

Focus your marketing efforts on retaining & rewarding your existing customers. Find where is your customers & their online source of motivation and run targeted marketing campaigns to reach out to them

Hope this read helped you understand what actually needs your focus. Are you struggling with questions like what to start, how to implement, how to create a well-planned strategy….? We understand that eCommerce businesses can be a handful requiring you to look into inventory management, sales, customer servicing, returns, shipping, and whatnot.


You can take care of your core operations while we are here to help you reach the right audience with reliable content & digital marketing services. Our experts will create a custom strategy that suits your niche & brand identity. We bring together creativity & innovation to bring out the best results for your business.


The retail sector has witnessed a drastic evolution in a short span of time with its movement to online platforms. It’s almost like an eCommerce explosion where the industry has mapped a steep rise in sales and is expected to grow by 276.9% globally as per the cumulative data from past years. While changes do not always do well with the customers, surprisingly, people are embracing & appreciating the eCommerce evolution. And as COVID-19 has forced people to stay inside homes, their consumption of the latest technology for shopping, working from home, etc. has increased even more. From PWAs to IoT devices, they are looking forward to brands providing great user customer experience.

Retailers adapting to the new technology shifts have already made way to success by providing customers with unique features like in-store interfaces, voice assistants, smart product review & order management, etc. Well, we understand that not every brand has the budget like Amazon or Apple to build its own IoT device. Nonetheless, you can build unique experiences for your customers by unleashing the power of Headless eCommerce. Scroll down to dive deep into the world of headless eCommerce.

What is Headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce is a breakthrough in the industry that has separated the seemingly inseparable backend & frontend. The website development traditional practices required a front-end theme or template design to which functionalities were added from the backend. But headless eCommerce has eliminated the need of a front-end for storage, management & delivery of data.

The management of product, categories, product reviews and posts on webpages can simply be done with the help of APIs. A landmark in the age of IoT, it delivers your eCommerce platform via RESTful API consisting of cloud-based infrastructure and a backend data model.

The Working of Headless eCommerce

A headless eCommerce platform functions by communicating the commands between application and presentation layer. For instance, if your customer clicks the Add To Cart button on their screen, the presentation layer of your headless eCommerce platform processes the request by sending the application layer an API call. This further generates an API call for application layer so that the customer can view their order status.

Benefits of Headless eCommerce

When compared to the traditional eCommerce platforms, headless eCommerce has multiple benefits. It separates the frontend from the backend, reducing complexity and providing more flexibility to developers to cater to specific requirements. Let’s have a look at all its benefits:

  1. Customization: It offers a high degree of customization to developers for creating personalized & unique experiences that sit well with your brand voice, and customer requirements. You do not limit yourself to pre-designed templates that are used by thousands of other brands.
  2. Easy to Port: It reduces your dependence on massive yet restricted infrastructures by offering easy portability of data, backends & data structures. You stay constructive with your frontend.
  3. Flexibility in Frontend: Since there is no front-end, the developers get great flexibility in modifying backend databases as that can simply be changed by changing the API call.
  4. Adaptability: It easily adapts to big & small changes. From adding customer accounts to new fields, everything’s quite easy to implement in a headless commerce architecture.
  5. Powerful Website: It is one of the most advanced technologies that can empower your website with high functionalities and lightning fast speed.
  6. Ownership: You have the complete ownership of your website architecture. You will be creating your website from scratch, and can tailor-make it to suit your business.
  7. Marketing Efforts: You can play around & implement unique marketing strategies without even hurting any of the backend processes.


Are you still running your eCommerce business with old themes & layouts available at disposal, and struggling with outdated features & a slow loading website? This could be one of the major obstacles on your way to success. Now, it’s upon you to either be left behind or adapt to the change and improve your profits by many folds. Unleash the power of Headless eCommerce & boost your ROI by creating an unmatched user experience. 

We completely understand your reason to hesitate from such changes. It can take up a lot of time & divert your focus from core activities. We at Tech9logy Creators have a team of techies that can make your migration or creation of a new eCommerce platform a simple process. Contact us for more details.

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