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From nothing to something & everything, we grew… and like this, Tech9logy Creators completed its seven successful years on 12th Feb 2021. The countless wins come from the tireless efforts put in by our team to overcome every challenge & deliver the best results. To celebrate their contribution & company success, we organized a corporate event on 6th March in Radisson Blu, Faridabad. It was a formal yet vivacious & extremely fun celebration where our team members were at complete liberty to be hilarious, flaunt their hidden talents & know each other better in a relaxed environment outside office premises. Scroll down for a glimpse into our amazing day.

A Splendid Beginning With Our Leaders                   

Ankit-Mohit-BansalThe event began with some motivational words from our leaders, Mr. Ankit Bansal & Mr. Mohit Bansal, who took us through the journey of Tech9logy Creators and made the big revelation of our company’s new tagline, “The word NO is not for us”. Our new brand tagline reflects our attitude towards work, as we cherish all the challenges that come our way and stand firm upon the pillars of creativity & innovation to get through.


Entertaining Games & More To Spice It Up


The interaction with our leaders filled everyone with motivation & excitement to get going with the event. And our two in-house team members cum hosts for the day, Tanya & Tulika, had an amazing surprise waiting for all—the Nariyal awards. These awards were given to those special members who have left a mark on the office by literally outperforming in tasks that no job description can ever cover. Let’s check out their unique profiles & the winners:


  1.  Sleeping Beauty – Ms. Renu Chauhanteam-tech9logy
  2.  Time Bomb – Ms. Karishma Rawat
  3.  Diljala Ashiq – Mr. Omdoot
  4.  Beer Buddy – Mr. Rishabh Rathore
  5.  6 O’Clock – Mrs. Ankita Chopra
  6.  Mr. Silent – Mr. Vishwadeepak
  7.  5 More Minutes – Mr. Ankit Bansal (Our Leader)



pooja-nitikshaAfter the crazy guesses, silly embarrassment, caught red-hand looks & heartfelt laughter, we headed over to the next-in-line activity and invited Tech9ites to come on ramp & flaunt their fashion ka jalwa. Some unbelievable moves came out as everyone walked in pairs down the ramp to impress the judges & win the price. But none could match the sass & grace of our lovely coders, Ms. Nitiksha Rajput & Mrs. Pooja Dhiman.



This was followed by our Name Game, where spontaneity & attentiveness could win them the prize. The women, however, startled, surprised & laughing out loud on men’s ability to compete on topics like makeup & clothing, still managed to win the prize. Our winner of the Name Game was Ms. Shalini Shukla.




We ended this trail with our Number Game that filled the hall room with a competition spirit accompanied by insane booing & cheer. 





The Most Awaited Moment – Annual Awards

At Tech9logy Creators, we have our annual awards on our Corporate Anniversary to appreciate our team’s year-round hard work. With this, we not only acknowledge their successes in terms of numbers but also celebrate their positive character & influence on fellow mates. Below is the list of our Annual Award winners 2021:

Customer Kudos: It is awarded to those who go above & beyond to delight customers in every interaction and set new bars of excellence in project delivery.

Winners: Mr. Mohit Chauhan, Mr. Sumant Singh, Mr. Mahender Kumar

Rockstar Rookie: It is for the new recruits who have been in the role for at least 6 months or more and demonstrated outsized impacts and achieved unexpected results.

Winners: Ms. Karishma, Ms. Tanya Gupta, Ms. Renu Chauhan

Ace of Innovation: It is for individuals who demonstrate creative or out-of-the-box thinking skills to solve a problem or improve a product or process.

Winner: Mr. Vishnu Pundir & Sourav

Cloud 9 Collaborator: It recognizes those who proactively take on more work to help others, work effectively across teams to drive better results, or put in special efforts to ensure a positive & inclusive atmosphere reinforcing collaboration & teamwork.

Winner: Mrs. Sonia Gera 

Employee of the Year: It recognizes the individual who shows creativity in overcoming truly major obstacles or challenges & delivers outstanding results for clients or other employees; maintains velocity the entire year.

Winner: Mr. Sunil Kumar



It was great to see those proud faces keen on getting back to the office Monday & perform even better in the year ahead.

It’s A Wrap


We finally wrapped up the event with an amazing dance performance prepared by those Tech9ites who believe that coding is their profession, but dance is their real passion. You’ll find them swinging their head to the client’s ringtone and grooving on Bhangda beats alone. Well, how could they even miss this amazing chance? From break time practice to wrapping up work a little early or overstaying at the office, they did it all to bring together a performance that dazzles the audience there. 


It was eventually joined by everyone, who were all warmed up & ready to jump in and show their moves. The event was closed with a cake-cutting ceremony by our leaders & their family members.




How To Become A Tech9ite?

Well, who doesn’t want to work at an organization where work & fun exist together? If you, too, want to become a part of our team, then click here. We at Tech9logy Creators believe in connecting with like-minded people who are looking for challenging jobs that come along with unparalleled growth opportunities. If this matches your search description, then simply drop your C.V. at hr@tech9logy.com and we’ll get back to you soon.