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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

In this competitive age, it’s always wise for businesses to get better, bigger & smarter. This is exactly what defines Magento 2 the best. Developed to suit “tomorrow’s challenges”, Magento 2 platform opens up a treasure box filled with business potential which otherwise couldn’t be found in Magento 1. However, even today there are many firms dependant upon the Magento 1 platform driving themselves into the risk of running on unsupported software starting 30th June.

Brands like Land Rover, Pino’s & Tile Giant that had the power to look into the future & analyze long-term challenges of sticking around with Magento 1 have already upgraded to the new & improved platform. If you’re still not sure, give a read to this blog post & get answers to all your questions vis-a-vis Magento 1 to 2 migration.

Key Benefits of Magento 2

Magento 2 is a powerful platform that is designed by experts to face “tomorrow’s challenges with technologies not found on Magento Commerce 1”. It offers a wide spectrum of solutions that the latter might fail to. Here are the key benefits of Magento 2:

  1. Improved Performance: Websites built on Magento 2 are 20% faster than those on Magento 1. High-performing sites have always proved to enhance sales & search engine rankings. This is because fast websites altogether create a great shopping experience, reducing the bounce rate of customers.
  2. Unmatched Shopping Experience: It boosts upsells & cross-sells for clients that make shopping easy & in turn help maximize sales. It also enables sellers to add features like promotions, stock availability, free gifts & coupons, price countdown. Another key benefit is its hassle-free, 2-step checkout process for instant purchases. It accesses previously-stored credentials like shipping details and makes checkout faster & easier.
  3. Empowers Sellers With Smooth Process: It helps users with key business functions like inventory management, integration with all major payment gateways. While adding products was a quite confusing process in Magento 1, the improved Magento 2 has a user-friendly interface which makes it easier even for non-technical users.
  4. Mobile-Friendly: With a majority of people on smartphones today, it only makes sense for businesses to create a small-screen presence. While Magento 1 could not deliver optimum mobile results, Magento 2 has made mobile commerce a priority. It comes with Magento 2.3 PWA Studio that helps improve mobile performance.
  5. Better Security Features: Magento 2 enables security customization at multiple levels. You can enable features like secondary password prompt, Google reCAPTCHA and PCI Data Security. For developers, this works as an additional shield against site attacks & unwanted breach in security.

Why Migrate?

Are you still wondering “WHY?”. The answer is better sooner than later because smart businesses have already realized that it’s inevitable. This is because of the following reasons:

– With Magento 1 removing support starting June 2020, the users would not receive security updates. This makes the website extremely vulnerable.

– The Magento 1 website loads 20% slower seriously affecting performance & traffic.

– It follows the traditional 6-step checkout process as opposed to the user-friendly 2-step process in Magento 2 websites.

– Magento 2 delivers high performance even on mobile devices.

How To Migrate?

The process of migration involves changing themes, data structure and working on new API. Below is a brief migration plan that will help you understand the process better:

Step 1: Review Your Current Extensions

Analyse & Review existing website extensions and determine similar ones on Magento. Delete unnecessary elements of Magento 1 store.

Step 2: Magento 2 Store Set-Up

Install Magento 2 store with the latest modules & Data Migration tool on a system that fulfills its requirements.

Step 3: Start Migration

As you start your migration, make sure that the Data Migration tool has sufficient access to the network. During this migration process, you need to stop all activities in Magento 1.x cron and Admin Panel (except order management). Such activities should not be resumed until the migration process is complete. Use Data Migration tool to migrate websites & settings as well as bulk data. Magento 2.x indexers are to be reindexed.

Step 4: Make updates & changes in product, sales, catalogue structure etc if required.

Step 5: Incremental Data Updation

Capture data updates (like new orders, reviews etc) incrementally, and transfer updates to Magento 2 store.

Step 6: Go Live

The downtime will start now as Magento 1 system goes on Maintenance mode & Magento 2 Cron jobs begin. Perform Magento 2 store final verifications & change DNS. Your Magento 2 store is now all ready to welcome customers & resume activities.

Hire Professional Magento Developers

The aforementioned 6 steps are an outline, however, don’t be mistaken as the Magento migration process holds much more than this. For a layman, it can pose multiple challenges like understanding the new platform, ensuring security, protecting data & so on. It’s only wise to rely upon experts for such a critical task that determines the future of your business.

We at Tech9logy Creators, as a leading Magento development company in India, are trusted by clients across the globe for our end-to-end services & disciplined delivery. Contact our experts today & they will walk you through a custom road map to suit your requirements.

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