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Magento Extension development

Magento extensions are small modules which can be integrated into the respective eCommerce stores such that the store is completely optimized. Magento Extension development is a best way to optimise your online magento e-Commerce store.

We look at benefits of utilizing Magento Extensions :

– Economical – Many magento extensions are available free online. Hence you can make use of them whenever you desire or need. The paid ones are available at affordable rates and worth the cost.

– Easy to integrate – You don’t have to build a new site by scratch. Whatever functionality is desired can be put in a single extension. If you use free extensions functionality can be added without spending a single penny. Even if you use paid extensions you will recover the money quickly as well as make substantial profits.

– Brings down development time and expense – If the developers utilize extensions, they need not write the code for all the features. This decreases efforts, expense and development time. On the whole a significant amount of time is saved during the development of a particular store. Thus, stores get created and are up running comparatively quickly.

– Multistore handling – The extensions aid you to handle multiple stores from a single admin control panel.

– Easy to modify – The extension can be improved without halting the operations of the site. Simple delete the relevant extension and upload the latest version of the extension. You can start enjoying the benefits of the updated extension right away.

– Superior user experience – The introduction of extensions helps customers to understand as well as use the site easily. In other words, it makes the site user friendly to all and bestows simple and efficient navigation of the site. Ultimately the customer’s shopping experience becomes secure as well as enjoyable thanks to the relevant extensions.

– SEO friendly – Extensions can ramp up the ranking of the site. This gives the site an edge over other sites bringing in more business as well as revenue. Hence the success rate of the site is significantly increased.

– Support services – The extensions help provide better as well as superior customer support services. Additionally, it can aid in resolving the customer’s technical problems.

– Features – Extensions improve the store’s overall performance as well as help the store work properly and satisfactorily. It enhances all the features such as classifying product by categories, locate products, compare them by various parameters, place orders, pay for orders in a secure manner, efficient as well as swift shipment and others.

– Improved security – Security is an important concern of any customer. The security landscape is continuously changing as new threats emerge. Extensions may be developed inhouse or bought from outside to protect the ecommerce site from security vulnerabilities. Thus, users can continue to use the site without worries.

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