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The world of front-end development is ever-evolving and while it offers a plethora of options (libraries and frameworks) to developers, it also poses the challenge of choosing the right one for your business. Recently the industry has seen a shift from the favourite Angular to the emerging ReactJS that has earned popularity in a short time because of its amazing features. Before we go on to explore the benefits and features of this new bud, let’s have a look at what it is about.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJs is a JavaScript-based open-source framework by Facebook. It is a declarative, efficient and customizable Javascript library used for scalable and fast from end development. Launched in 2013, it has become one of the bestsellers, being used by top companies like Netflix, Apple and PayPal. Today, it powers over 220,000 websites.

From bottom to top the ReactJS has travelled this way in a short time becoming the most-loved web frameworks, as revealed in a survey conducted by Stack Overflow.

Benefits of ReactJS


Frameworks like Angular and Vue have real DOM which is time-consuming. To overcome this, Facebook introduced virtual DOM for ReactJS that increases the efficiency and speed of an application. Virtual DOM allows developers to test changes and risks before the final modification.

ReactJS also enables the modification of an individual part of the DOM structure without disturbing the application logic. This makes it a perfect suit for heavy-loaded and complex software solutions with high-performance and better user experience.


ReactJS has a flexible and easy-to-maintain modular structure. Unlike MVC or MVVM, it does not impose any structure, pattern, template or architecture. It gives the developers a free hand to design the application as required.

Custom Components

ReactJS comes with an optional syntax extension, JSX. Developers can write their components easily in HTML. This also makes the subcomponent rendering a lovely experience.

JSX is used for building high-volume applications, writing custom components and transforming HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.


One of the best features of ReactJS is code reusability. Using ReactJS, apps with complex logic can be easily updated. This may otherwise take huge time & efforts as modification in one component can directly affect others.

Component reusability allows the same components to be redeployed by developers. It improves the chances of growth and boosts productivity.


Today, SEO has turned out to be the gateway to success for any organization. To rank your application high, you need to have fast rendering speed and low page load time. React is a fast-rendering platform that helps your application procure the highest Google Search Engine Result Page rank.

ReactJS Developer’s Toolset

While we may have all the latest technologies, the key to success will require deploying it with perfection. ReactJS comes with a bunch of useful toolsets for React and Chrome dev. These tools help developers understand component hierarchies, discover child-parent components as well as inspect components’ present state & props.

Community Support

One of the most popular platforms, ReactJS is backed up by strong community support. You can find countless free tutorials for ReactJS by experts on Youtube or online blog sites. It has achieved 136,079 Github stars. We do not need to state how much this support can be useful for using a platform! A mere Google search of “free React tutorial” can fetch 13,00,00,000 results.

Code Stability

A minor change in the child structure can become a headache for developers. ReactJS has a downward data flow which ensures that any modification in child structure does not destabilize the parent structure.

This results in better code stability and smooth-performing application.

Hire Professional ReactJS Developers

A brilliant platform, ReactJS has empowered Fortune 500 companies including Netflix, BBC, Paypal, NASA and the list goes on. Planning to move to ReactJS? You’re at the right place. We have helped multiple international organizations leverage the potential of this platform and achieve unprecedented results. Contact our experts today and they will guide you through your success roadmap too.


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