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Presco is a trusted one-stop-shop for print finishing supplies for 35 years operating in the UK. The company serves over 10,000 customers including printers large/small, in-house print rooms, marketing departments, manufacturers, education & government departments, and craft workers.

Custom Teeth Device is an online store based in the US. With a team of Nationally Board Certified Technicians, they have curated teeth devices to sell online. It allows users to take their own dental impressions from home rather than going to the dental office for the process.

Based out of Los Angeles, Coordinates Collection is a premium jewelry brand. It specializes in the finest Sterling silver and 14K gold metal designs. Crafted with the aim to memorialize journeys & adventures they personally inscribed jewelry with latitude & longitude coordinates of any place you choose.

Butcher Quip is a butcher supplies store based in Australia. For both commercial and at-home use, the company deals in a range of equipments & accessories for smoking, packaging, cutting, mincing and curing meat. It also provides complementary products such as gourmet sausage meals, meat rubs etc.