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Shopify is one of the most preferred platforms by eCommerce stores, supporting over million online merchants. These include brands like Penguin Books, BBC, Heinz, Kylie Cosmetics, and even aspiring startups. It holds almost 20% of the total market share of the global eCommerce platforms, witnessing a massive 400% increase in sales over the past seven years (WOAH! Huge, right?).

These statistics owe to out-of-the-box features of Shopify. But before you go on to make your choice, it’s always wise to analyze what you’re getting yourself into. So in this blog, we’re going to explore the reasons why eCommerce brands choose Shopify platform for their online store.

Ease Of Setting Up

It’s quite easy to set up a basic eCommerce store with Shopify consisting of three steps. Firstly, you’ll need to create your Shopify account & subscribe to the platform. Second, you will make a domain (preferably custom) for your store, and finally, add your products to begin the online trade.

That said, to use custom themes & features, you will need the help of a professional Shopify developer who can tailor-make it to suit your business. This will help you create an advanced website that is more responsive & user-friendly.

Fully Hosted Solution

You do not need a separate hosting platform to support your Shopify store. It deals with all web hosting prerequisites and updates & maintains your software to make sure it is running even when the website experiences huge traffic.


Security is one of the most important factors while doing business online. The number of cyber-attacks is growing every day, and it’s a mandate to keep your business & customer data secure.

Every Shopify store has an SSL certificate that makes it more secure & reliable for users. The platform also promises 99.8% uptime, which boosts your reach & reassures trust in the online business.

Mobile Friendly

A majority of the global population is using smartphones, especially for shopping online. This is evident from the increased number of mobile searches. As per reports by Shopify, almost 81% of the total Shopify merchant’s traffic was from mobile devices and 71% of total orders were made using mobiles.

Thus, it is inevitable for users to create a mobile-friendly store to ensure success online. To achieve this, Shopify has made every theme mobile-friendly, which takes away the burden from store owners of designing mobile-friendly pages.

Also, it allows store owners to manage through mobile phones and facilitate ease of use.

Unlimited Apps

Shopify offers multiple features to create an online store but is limited. For complex functionalities that suit your specific business requirement, you can access the Shopify App Store that has thousands of apps to provide you with flexibility & elaborate features on the go.

You can find apps for SEO, customer support, inventory management, invoice generation, analytics & much more. Shopify apps are either free or paid, and you can purchase the paid apps by making the payment along with your Shopify billing.

Platform & Community Support

Setting up an online store can be overwhelming for non-tech people. Even for web developers, there can be places where they feel stuck with some functionality. To overcome this, Shopify has friendly 24X7 customer support.

It also has a huge community that contributes through blogs, videos & other forms of digital content to spread knowledge on Shopify development.

Are you still facing challenges vis-à-vis your Shopify store development? The Shopify tools can help you with generic issues. To add tailor-made functionalities & ensure smooth functioning of your online store, it needs constant attention & work.


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