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While many businesses have been enjoying the benefits of modern technology, the current COVID-19 situation has turned it more into a necessity for companies to be online & stay up-to-date with modern trends. However, it’s not a piece of cake and rather requires expertise, resources and much more to create a successful online presence. This is why a lot of smart companies these days have turned to outsource. As per a report by the NASSCOM, 50% of Fortune 500 companies outsource their software development processes.

That said, with a pool of other options available like relying on DIY toolkit or hiring full-time experts, outsourcing can be a tough call to make. We completely understand your struggle & to make this decision easier, our Business Developments experts have compiled a list of 8 signs that indicate “whether you should outsource your IT project or not?”.

Lack of In-House Specialists

Be it shifting your existing website to a new platform or creating a mobile app for your business, the skill set required for every project is different. Even if you already have an IT development team, relying on unproven skills for a new project can turn into failure. For instance, an Android app developer would not be able to create an expert-like iOS app.

Training the existing employees for the new process can be time-consuming and waste of resources as they would be unable to find time for the work they are expert at. In such a case, outsourcing can be a great alternative rather than creating a new development team.

 Inefficient Build-It-Yourself Tools

With the modern trend of DIY, there are lots of toolkits, plugins and other technologies available with which it might appear easy to manage the task. But developing websites takes much more than a landing page with few words.

A great website, mobile app or social media campaign needs to be engaging and communicative. If you’re struggling to engage your audience online or are having a headache even with basic codes then it’s time you look for digital Marketing professional help.

Short-Term Project

Given the aforementioned situation of an incompetent in-house team for the project, one might consider hiring a new resource as a solution. For any new resource, firstly it would take time to settle in a new environment and understand the requirements & protocols of a company. Another consideration would be your commitment to a long-term resource. With a short-term project like a mobile app or website development, are you ready to hire a long-term resource? Not only is it costly but completely impractical too while outsourcing can be budget-friendly & suit short-term project requirements.

Not One-Person Work

A company might consider hiring a new resource thinking of future maintenance requirements and also for the fact that it can be employed for other processes too. However, even a short term project can call for specialists like a Project Manager & more bandwidth, especially to meet deadlines.

Outsourcing can help you get rid of the time-consuming hiring process and allows you to exploit the expertise of specialists at best. Also, you can avail the benefits of maintenance services that are provided by quality outsourcing firms & ensure future security.

Lack Of Bandwidth & Limited Time

Another problem that many companies face while venturing into a new project is the lack of bandwidth. Even if they have in-house specialists for the task, they’re already working on other projects. Forcing a new one could overload them which can lead to quality compromise due to lack of time. For instance, acquiring new customers via digital marketing is 5 times more time-consuming than dealing with existing ones. Team expansion for such projects can be impractical and turn out to be costly in the long run.

By outsourcing work, you can ensure that quality in both existing & new projects as well as its timely completion.

Core Activities Suffering

In small businesses or startups, the owner, as well as the employees, work on different things and learn new skills. It’s, of course, beneficial but the same cannot be done for every process, especially website/mobile app development. It requires a high level of expertise and might take months or a year to do it by self and the result can still be a failure. In such a situation, you might also end up comprising your activities too. Trusting outsourcing IT Consulting & Software Development firms can help you get the task done with efficiency while you can still go and crack your next deal.

Budget Constraints

Outsourcing software development processes are becoming very popular these days, especially among small businesses. Hiring specialists can incur huge costs while outsourcing helps them achieve better results at a mutually agreed price.

So if you’re running a startup or introducing a new product with a constrained budget then outsourcing is the best solution. It gives you the benefit of using the expertise of dedicated professionals and at a much lesser cost.

Hire our Professionals for Your New Project

Does your requirement tick all these 7 checkboxes? Well, then you know what to do now! But with the numerous software development outsourcing firms out there, it’s only wise to be discerning about your choice and trust a time-proven organization for your business.

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Website's Load Times Affects Conversion Rate

One of the most important aspects of internet marketing (or any marketing) is your rate of conversion. This can be a little confusing for people just starting. Because a lot of people say that all you have to do, is take in all the traffic that you can and you will be successful. But, think about it for a second- Does traffic matter if that traffic doesn’t result in any money-making actions? This is all about conversion rate.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of people that visit your site that ends up taking the action you want them to take. This action can be anything- from clicking on an ad to buying your products, to signing up for your mailing list. You must get your conversion rate as high as you possibly can, to get the most out of the traffic that you send to your website.”

There are plenty of ways to boost conversion, but the powerful way is, to increase the load time of the website. Check out what various updates say about it.

  •  Almost 50 % of the visitors do not wait more than 3 seconds to load a website, and why would they wait? When there are lots of other options waiting outside.
  • 99% of users bounce-back from the sites if it takes more than 10 seconds to load.
  • The average page load time on mobiles is a maximum of 11 seconds.

Tips to decrease the load time

  • Start with analysing the points, on which your site is losing its speed.
  • One of the most important factors in loading time relates to the number and size of images you have on your website.
  • Avoiding the use of flash components to help your pages load more quickly. Flash makes web pages colourful and attractive, but unfortunately, it will cause the pages of your site to take longer to load.
  • Page size should be less than 100K for optimal use, and remember, less is better.
  • Expert Web Development Company recommend the use of external CSS and JavaScript files to lessen the loading time of your web pages.
  • Redirects are separate requests to the server it increases the load time. So, it’s good to minimize the use of redirects.
  • Keep load time to a minimum, ensure your graphics are optimised.

It sounds overly-simplistic, but how many times have you navigated away from a website that took too long to load its pages? With the advent of high-speed internet, there’s no reason people would wait too long to load a website.

You can contact the experts as a Website development service if you are looking for a High-speed website with a high conversion rate.

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