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Why Choose WordPress?

You may be starting a new business or running a well-established enterprise. Today people prefer to shop online. So, you need to have a website to inform people about your enterprise’s existence. The website should also contain the products and/or services you are offering. There are many platforms to host your website. So why choose WordPress as the preferred platform for your business website. We take a look at the different reasons to do so.

WordPress is simple to setup, manage as well as update

Everybody does not know technology. You do not need to know technology to use WordPress. Businesses can start off with a simple and free plan. The former can migrate to a more sophisticated and paid plan in the future.

The platform is inexpensive

Even if you are on a tight budget or are a small business you can afford this platform. Entities can use WordPress for free. You do not have to hire web designers or developers for this platform. Anybody can use this platform as it is easy to use and extremely user friendly. You can have your enterprise website up and running in practically no time.

Good SEO facility

No matter the credentials of the business or the quality of your website you will not get visitors unless your website ranks high in major search engine results. WordPress is designed to give your site a high ranking.


The extremely large community of WordPress developers has built numerous plugins empowering you to build websites of various types. If you need a specific kind of website for your enterprise there is a high probability that there is already a plugin to create it without any charges. Businesses come in different types and sizes and WordPress is flexible to accommodate any kind of business website.

Loads quickly

WordPress powered sites load in no time. Today’s customer has many choices and is typically impatient. So, if your site takes time to load they won’t wait. They will simply go to another site. This means loss of customers for your business.

Responsive design

Today most customers use their smartphones to browse websites. WordPress sites are designed to function seamlessly and perform optimally no matter the type of device used.


Today WordPress powers more than a quarter of websites globally. This is a testimony to its popularity and reliability. When you use WordPress, you are using a global as well as tested platform. The large community of WordPress developers are constantly working on developing new plugins, making sure the technology is state-of-the-art and fix any security issues. Security is paramount for all businesses and the WordPress platform ensures that.

Custom WordPress Development Services

Custom WordPress Development Services

Everybody knows that WordPress is a popular and powerful platform. Today there exist many WordPress powered websites. There are many advantages of using WordPress. However, if you want to be truly unique, different from the rest and most importantly better than your competitors you need to go for custom WordPress development services. We examine the reasons why.

Boost speed of site loading

Customized plugins can ensure loading of pages in practically no time. The former is designed to address the particular requirements as well as demands of your WordPress site.

For Quality assured code

When you do customization, the code is available to you. You can ensure that the code is clean, clear and adheres to your quality standards

Custom plugin for bespoke business functionality

There may not exist plugins to incorporate your business features. Hence custom plugin development is a logical move. The business environment is not static and your plugin must adapt to changes.

Custom themes for unique out of box design

There exist many attractive WordPress themes. Some are free but most of them are paid. They may not reflect your brand or be what you have in mind.

Data Integration as per business requirement

Your business requirements may not be met by existing WordPress functionality. In addition, your business requirements may change by market disruptors, technological evolution, competitor strategy and other factors. Constant customization is then required to be ahead of the intense competition.

For Additional security 

WordPress is a highly secure platform. There exist many free and paid security plugins to bolster your WordPress powered website. However, to be better than and different from the rest you required customized security plugins which meet your specific needs and expectations.

Improve search engine rankings

Even your competitors leverage the search engine friendly features of WordPress. There exist entities with the competence to make your site even more SEO friendly which is possible only through customization.

Control over your site

Customization empowers you with control over your site’s appearance, navigation as well as functionality and consequently how you run your business.

Be truly unique and scalable

Create a different looking site with different navigation as well as functionality/features. This will help you stand out from the crowd. A custom site also communicates high levels of professionalism as well as capability. If you observe sites of industry majors are both different from and superior to the rest. Customization can scale your site up or down based on the progress of your enterprise.

Why hire us for WordPress Customization Services

We have State-of-the-art infrastructure.

Assurance of 100% confidentiality through non-disclosure agreement

Our WordPress development team will build any kind of website you have in mind. You will find us totally flexible in this aspect.

Dedicated and experienced WordPress developers

Round the clock maintenance and support even after delivery of solution

Adherence to highest quality standards

Mature development as well as quality processes

Competitive rates resulting in saving your money

Transparency in all the processes

We keep you in the loop at all stages of the project

Top rate communication and inter-personal skills